FarsiDic Features:

English to Farsi Dictionary:

The Farsi translation appears in the box at the bottom (or right) of the page as you type in the words. The dictionary contains Farsi translations for more than 46,000 English words.

Farsi Search:

The Farsi search page can be used as a Farsi to English dictionary. The search options include Whole Words and Case Sensitive. The search options are available from Tools->Farsi Search Options. Please note that you will need a UNICODE compatible input method (Such as Farsi neaType) to be able to enter Farsi characters for Farsi Search feature.

Add you own Words:

You can add your own words to the dictionary. Just tap and hold on the English word list and select Add from the menu.

You can also edit or delete the words added to the dictionary. To edit or delete a word, tap and hold on the word in the English word list and select Edit or Delete from the menu. Please note that the original words in the dictionary cannot be edited or deleted.

When you add, edit, or delete a word, the changes are not applied immediately. They are kept in a temporary list that can be accessed by Tools->Pending Changes.... You can add, edit, or delete the words in the list. To make your changes permanent, tap on the save icon in the toolbar of Pending Changes dialog box. Saving the changes takes a few minutes to complete. Make sure your device does not turn off automatically during the save operation.

Fast Dictionary Look up:

When you are reading a text, you can select a word and copy it to clipboard. If you run the Farsi Dictionary, the word is automatically selected by the dictionary and its translation will be displayed in the translation area.

Command Line Feature:

If you are a programmer, you can use this feature to show the translation of a word from your own program. All you need to do is to execute the following command line from your program:

   "\Program Files\Shahab\FarsiDic\FarsiDic" <word>

to show the translation for the word. To try this feature, do the following:

Downloading and Installing FarsiDic:

Follow the these steps to download and install FarsiDic on your Pocket PC.

Installing from desktop computer (Windows XP/ActiveSync):

FarsiDic for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 (FarsiDic5.exe)
Email me for Window Mobile 2003 version
  1. Click on the appropriate link in the table at right begin downloading. 

  2. Your browser will ask you if you want to open the file or save it. 

  3. Click the Save button to save the FarsiDic setup program to your hard disk. 

  4. Browse to a location that you want to save the installation program and click Ok

  5. The downloading starts. Click Close after download is complete.

  6. After download is completed, exit all running programs.

  7. Ensure your mobile device is connected to your computer and the synchronization process has finished before beginning the installation process.

  8. Double-click on the executable file that you downloaded in steps 1 to 5. 

  9. Follow the instructions provided by the setup wizard to complete the installation of FarsiDic.

  10. Reset your mobile device to complete the installation.

Using installation files in Cab format:

FarsiDic for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 (FarsiDic5.cab)
Email me for Window Mobile 2003 version

To install FarsiDic using these files, you need to transfer them to your device. To transfer the cabinet files to your device, you can:

After transferring the cab file to your device, tap on the cabinet file in the File Explorer to start the installation. Soft-Reset your device to complete installation.

Uninstalling FarsiDic:

To uninstall the FarsiDic:

Registering FarsiDic:

FarsiDic comes with 14 days of trial period. To use it after the expiration of this trial period, you must buy and register your copy of FarsiDic. Here is how to buy FarsiDic:

If you live in Iran:


لطفا قبل از پرداخت پول از کارکرد نرم افزار روی دستگاه خود اطمینان حاصل کنید. متاسفانه من قادر به بازپرداخت پول شما بعد از خرید نرم افزار نمیباشم

If you live outside Iran:




Unlock code:

To get your Unlock code after buying FarsiDic, you need to provide your Product ID, which is a 16-character alphanumeric string. It is available from the About dialog box. (Tools->About FarsiDic)

Send your Product ID to FarsiPack@ShahabOnline.com, to get the unlock code for your copy of FarsiDic. The Unlock Code is a 20-character alphanumeric string.

After getting the Unlock Code you must enter it in the About dialog box.


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